Science Teachers – Grades 3-12 – Opportunity is Knocking!

Information Technology in Science Instruction (ITSI) – We need you!


·       Are you interested in developing scientific inquiry in instruction?

·       Are you enthusiastic in integrating technology tools such as probes and Internet in teaching and learning?

·       Do you want to be part of a nationwide project in science education and research? If yes, join ITSI-SU.

ITSI-SU is a scale-up of the highly-acclaimed Information Technology in Science Instruction (ITSI) project at the Concord Consortium.  Alaska teachers have been part of this nationwide research project since June 2010. We are looking for Grades 3 – 12 teachers of science to be part of this last cohort. The training will be July 22 – July 26, 2013 in Anchorage.

Incentives for Teachers:  $500 per participant to attend summer workshop, create and present at least two activities; in 2014, additional $500 for teachers to attend a 2 day face to face workshop, participate in online course, and implement two activities in classrooms. Teachers will also receive $300 worth of probeware.

If you are interested in this professional development opportunity, and want more information, fill out the attached application and return to Texas Gail Raymond ASAP.



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